Some thoughts to help justify your travel approval to the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal and Power Integrity (EMC+SIPI 2019) in New Orleans, LA, at the newly renovated Ernest N. Morial Convention Center from July 22-26, 2019.

YOU know that the 2019 IEEE EMC+SIPI International Symposium has a lot to offer, but how can you justify your trip?  Here are some suggestions:

Be specific about why you want to attend and how it will benefit and advance your work by reviewing the Final Program from the 2018 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal & Power Integrity held in Long Beach, California.

  1. Outline the topics that are specific to your interest, business or field of study.
  2. Look at the call for papers and identify those topics that are of specific relevance to the work you are doing and how they might add value to your contribution to work
  3. Be aware of the new program that is being put together for Standards Week.  Standards in EMC and SIPI are of fundamental relevance to many roles in industry (and research in academia as a pathway to impact).  Attendance means you can contribute to discussions and potentially become involved in a live or upcoming project and influence the development of that standard.  You might find some helpful information about current and upcoming standards at http://www.emcs.org/standards/sdecom/Standards_Matrix.html
  4. There is a host of technical and special committees focused on various aspects of the profession http://www.emcs.org/standards/sdecom/committees.html.  These committees are open to anyone to attend but getting involved in the year round work of the TC/SCs is a way to help build your leadership in the profession.
  5. Find out when your funding cycle begins and submit your request early.
  6. Itemize the costs you are requesting.  Create an estimated budget for airfare, lodging, transportation, conference registration, etc.
  7. Report back on your experience.  Give a presentation or writeup to your sponsors with highlights of your attendance.  What information can you bring back that they might be interested in?

The IEEE EMC Society has been bringing compatibility to engineering innovations since 1957. With a long history of developments in Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Environmental Effects, and more recently, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity, the Society brings sharp focus to methods and practices for proper performance of energy, electrical communications, information technology and wireless systems.  Collaboration across the research, design, test, regulatory and media industries has helped shape the world as we know it.  

Innovations and Emerging Technologies:
The EMC+SIPI 2019 offers focused sessions which highlight emerging technologies that are gaining importance and may be of significant interest to the fields of EMC and Signal & Power Integrity.

Technical & Knowledge:
The EMC+SIPI 2019 offers technical sessions, interactive forums, experiments/demonstrations and interactive panel sessions, workshops and tutorials, and a wide variety of other technical activities.

The EMC+SIPI 2019 will give you the opportunity to connect with key people in your industry and share in this year’s topics which range from EMC in Signal and Power Integrity, Automotive, Aerospace, MIL, Wireless, Multi-Discipline Simulation and more..  

Typically, more than a hundred of exhibitors represent the state-of-the-art when it comes to materials, devices, components, design and test solutions, and services as well. The expertise and knowledge from our exhibitors, along with gaining insight into new and upcoming products and services, is a valuable resource that should also be factored into any justification of travel to the Symposium.

Exchange of information across the public and private sector is paramount to our success as a global society. With these benefits in mind you could not imagine finding a more productive way than to spend 5 days at the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal and Power Integrity.

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