New Orleans, LA

Attendee Registration
New Orleans, LA :

Your registration will give you access to all paper sessions, the Workshops/Tutorials, Experiments & Demos and Exhibit Hall.

Your one technical registration will give you access to all of EMC 2019 and SIPI 2019:

  • three days of EMC and SIPI original papers
  • Two days of practical EMC and SIPI Workshops and Tutorials
  • Experiments and Demonstrations of fundamental and advanced topics
  • Exhibit Hall

Registration is expected to open in early 2019.
Please check these notes in preparation.

Attendees include all authors/speakers, delegates, companions, and Exhibit Hall visitors.  

Are you an Exhibitor?  Click HERE for Exhibitor Registration – includes all adult exhibitor staff, reps, and booth workers working a booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Are you an author or speaker?  Click HERE for special Author & Speaker Information.



Financial assistance is available to selected economically disadvantaged engineers. Click on FINANCIAL SUPPORT for more details.

After a paper or presentation is accepted, symposium registration is required by at least one author or the speaker before the final paper submission deadline. Failing to meet this requirement will result in the paper not being published or presented – no exceptions. Your registration confirmation number will be needed for the final paper submittal.

More details can be found at AUTHOR/SPEAKER.

IEEE Members:

Please check that your membership is in good standing and paid in full for 2019. Have your member number and current member grade ready when registering.

If you are not a member and would like to learn about the advantages of being a member and receiving the conference member rate, please visit or call 1-800-678-IEEE. Please note that you must be a member at the time of registration to receive the member rate.

Full-Time Students:

You must be enrolled in a full time course of study at a college or university to register in any of the student categories.

Exhibit Hall Only:

This registration category is designed for adult customers and clients of our exhibitors.

  • If you are staffing an exhibit booth, please register through the EXHIBITOR registration to receive an EXHIBITOR ribbon and early access to the Exhibit Hall.
  • For family wishing to accompany or visit you in the Exhibit Hall, they will receive a Basic Badge if you list their name(s) in the appropriate lines in your own registration.  No bar code, no tracking, no charge.
  • Children and youth under the age of 18 yrs are not allowed in the Exhibit Hall unattended.  They must be registered in the Jr. Companion Club or within the guardian’s registration with a Basic Badge (companion).




Our Companions are family and friends of all ages who are accompanying a registered, technical attendee. We offer two types of badges:

  • Companion Club: special package that includes a gift, Welcome Reception ticket, Companion Suite with breakfasts, and access to the Exhibit Hall.  A fee applies.
  • Basic Badge: for Exhibit Hall entrance and/or Youth Technical Program registration.  No bar code, no tracking, and no charge.

You may sign up your companion within your own registration or they may be registered separately for the Companion Club.


All exhibitor staff, reps, and booth workers must register using the link and discount code sent to the Exhibitor/ Sponsor contact to receive an EXHIBITOR ribbon and early access to the Exhibit Hall.  See the EXHIBITORS page for more details. 

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